extract your herb


Learn how to use a rosin press to extract your cannabis into an oil. This ‘solvent free’ method of extracting makes great tasting dabs in a safe way.


infuse Cannabis butter

Learn how to cook bud, stems or leaves and make your own cannabis infused butter, Learn start to finish so you can do it at home later.


how to grow

Experienced growers discuss the process from seed to flower. A variety of tactics and products will be featured including grow tents and more.

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Meet Our Friend, Jacqui Childs

Jacqui Childs is an advocate/author/influencer with an online following into the millions and a best selling book, where she shares her stories of addiction.

She speaks at Cannabis events and festivals around the Country sharing how Cannabis has changed her life for the better.

After spending most of her adult life using and abusing pharmaceuticals for anxiety, depression and PTSD. She is now living her best life with plant based medicine. She's excited and hopeful for the future.

You can find Jacqui at outdoor festivals, conferences and conventions, where she is always happy to share elevated conversations about her love for the plant.

Her message is of forgiveness, kindness and compassion.

#jacpot #IAmYou